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GOODDAYS Health care center is the best  Health Care center in Kolkata India, we have the best treatment facility for you in the lowest price because your good health is our Aim. GOODDAYS Healthcare Center is a special place where virtually every healthcare needs, checkups and treatment facilities for you in the lowest possible price,

Our Health Care Service Aims At Following:

  • Quality
  • Comprehensive medical
  • Nursing
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Beautiful facilities
  • We have friendly staff of experts who exhibit the utmost respect and dignity.
GOODDAYS, an ISO 9001:2015 certified, RSBY & WBHS recognized center is located in Chinsurah Hooghly. GOODDAYS  provides a well-organized  service related to pathology test, medicine shop, doctors chamber and veterinary as well. We also have specialist doctor’s chamber. GOODDAYS Diagnostic Center provides some special services like Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Hair Fall Treatment, Nutrition Treatment, Veterinary Doctor. We also provide services like Oxygen, Nebulization, Dressing, Cathetarization, Saline, Nurse/Aya, Digital ECG, Holter Monitoring, Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

The Departments of GOODDAYS

  1. GOODDAYS has its own Diagnostic center for all kinds of tests
  2. GOODDAYS provide world class Doctors for treatment for
  3. GOODDAYS provide best generic veterinary medicines 
  4. GOODDAYS provides world class generic medicine for every human health issue
with the senior consultants & experts. We have a promise of quality at every step of the way to ensure a greater life for people. The professionals at GOODDAYS are dedicated to providing high quality long-term nursing and sub-acute care. It is our goal to open the doorways to a functional and fulfilling lifestyle for each and every one of our residents. GOODDAYS health care center offers Upgraded automatic analyzer machineries for any kind of tests and treatment, proper maintenance of sterilization to avoid contamination and other problems, we maintain extra hygiene to avoid infections because for us your health is everything, we have Expert technicians to supervise for our patients 24/7, apart from this we Maintain required temperature so that our patient live comfortably and heal quickly, and etc      

Our Speciality

  • Upgraded automatic analyser machineries
  • Maintain proper sterilisation to avoid contamination
  • Maintain extra hygiene to avoid infections
  • Expert technicians
  • Maintain required temperature
  • Transportation of sample with ice bag
  • Dispose all used things to prevent environmental pollution and unexpected contamination
  • Preservation of samples for recheck
  • Online support
  • Online booking system
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