You’ll need to give your doctor a sample of your poop. You won’t need to do this at the doctor’s office. Instead, you’ll be given a special container with a lid to take home. This may have your name and birthdate on it. If not, you can write it on the label. Your doctor will go over how to collect the sample and any special instructions. In most cases, you’ll follow these steps: Place something in your toilet to catch your poop. Your doctor may give you a small container or you could use a clean, empty plastic one that you have. If your stool isn’t loose or watery, you could also spread newspaper or plastic wrap over the toilet rim. Make sure your poop doesn’t touch the inside of your toilet. It could pick up germs that aren’t yours. Place the sample into the container. Don’t use your hands. Your doctor should give you a small spoon or spatula you can throw away after you use it. Don’t overfill the container. For the test, you’ll only need to provide a sample that’s about the size of a walnut. Make sure to include any pieces that are bloody, slimy, or watery.